Energy Healing
Sam Wall

I have had terrible headaches since I was a teen. In 1985 I was diagnosed with migraines. Having no health insurance I was medicating myself with Excedrin up to 20 a day to function at all. Still having no health insurance but some money from selling off part of the farm. I started taking Zomig (zolmitriptan) in year 2000. At first I only took as needed then I was taking half a tablet of Zomig everyday. Cost $185 for six pills plus doctor visits to get the prescription refilled. Than I had energy work done by Amber I haven't had any migraines for three months now! I cary the last half Zomig to my name in my pocket I hope to frame it someday.

Amber said I needed one more session for my digestive issues. I for the last 15 years had daily diarrhea. After removing Gluten and Dairy from my diet I was doing pretty well except when I unknowingly received some gluten or dairy in my food. The Gluten would also make me vary tired unable to do physical labor for about 24 hours.

I have now added Gluten and Dairy Back into my diet, I feel great.

One word of caution watch out you don’t gain wait like I did after your digestion is feeling so good. Bread and Cheese will add a few pounds:-)

Still feeling great 9/05/2011