This healing work is done to bring body, mind and spirit in connection and in balance with what I call the Universal Internet. Within this Internet of Infinite Knowledge and Resource, you will find healing of all kinds Physical, Mental, Spiritual.

The one day Retreat for Busy Professionals is held wherever you are or want to be. It includes the following..

I will spend four hours with you going over simple health practices that are easy to do while on the go and focus also where you have specific needs.

What do you want to focus on?

Furthering your current career?

Making some needed changes at home or at work?

This rejuvenating and strengthening day will include two energy healing sessions. Leaving you enough time alone to absorb, focus and relax.

The following are some wonderful locations in Oregon you maybe interested in for your retreat. But you are more than welcome to choose your own special location.

On the Oregon, Coast ---

In the heart of Portland, Oregon ---

I do travel out of state also so the price of your package will vary. Please contact me with any questions.

With love and support, E.H.P. Amber Kurt