Amber's Continuing Journey
My personal journey started as a child. Although it was not clear that this was so until I was jump started onto my path many years later. After I found that working with energies meant working with your guides, this is when I truly found my way. When I started working with them, with knowledge this is when I asked all the questions i so longed to know the answers to. Not from someone els but directly from our source. My guides my teachers have brought me on a step by step learning course. This course is directed specifically to my purpose. Your course will always be directed specifically to your purpose.
What working with my guides has shown me is that we all need to find our individual paths. This is the only way for us to become a compassionate society. Through this net work of alliances with each other and connection with our energetic selves and companions. We can create the world we so long to live in. My journey is step by step learn one step than on to the next step. There is always a next step.
My purpose is to heal very physical and metaphysical ailments when needed. More importantly to help others find their balance within so this is less and less needed.
To find your balance we must find our direction and our place of stillness within. This is where we connect to the universal energies that we are all part of. Your process is to be in connection at all times. This is the only way to be and stay body, mind, spirit, whole as one with the universe. This is a process and a practice we must all be gentle with ourselves through. This practice along with motivation is how we find true joy.
Your process is similar to my process it simply brings us to a different path. When you can start trusting your guides this is where your teachings blossom. At first it will feel odd to not have a human teacher, then it will feel odd that you are (your) teacher. Your guides are here to guide you through this process. This helps us avoid pitt falls in what we call intuition. Because sadly this can be riddled with ego. Working with your guides you can learn to negotiate ego from selfless knowledge.
My process our process in the large concept is about healing this universe. First we learn how to heal ourselves this is the first step to everything. When we learn how to heal and love ourselves, than we can.....

Truly love our family and support them.
Begin to understand unconditional love.
Heal the planet we live on.
Understand that loving self is not selfish, but rather the only way to love all that is one, because we are all one.

This process is loving, challenging and rewarding every step of the way. While learning how to be gentle with yourself, how to forgive yourself. This is how you heal yourself which in turn heals us all.

E.H.P. Amber Kurt