I participated in Amber’s 3 day training clinic. I had been searching for the right person to help teach me how to work with healing energies. I found this and much more with Amber, as soon as I met her I knew she was the teacher I had been looking for. I really appreciate that her trainings are one-on-one. This way all of the information that was presented was directly relevant to me and what was important for my journey. Amber taught me how to work directly with my guides, to trust myself, to work with positive healing energies and how I can incorporate this work into my existing practice as a hypnotherapist. Amber continues to support me as I continue to learn and grow and if I ever need anything, even just to talk about what is going on for me with these new skills she is there to do that. I highly recommend her trainings!

Jillian M. Brown, CHt
Certified Hypnotherapist