Jessica Garcelon
I was very ill this winter and could not seem to heal myself and pull out of it. As I attempted to do so, my illness seemed to get worse, not better. I called Amber and asked her to please help me get better as the flu (or whatever type of illness it was) was really taking it's toll on me. Amber agreed to send healing energy to me long distance. I laid on my bed while she and I were on the phone. I could feel warm waves of healing energy wash over me as Amber did her work. I immediately began to feel stronger and more well. Once we were done with this long distance session, I went to bed. The very next day (Saturday) I was up and about and even went for a nice drive with my daughter! This was only one day after Amber worked on me and I had been out sick from work for three days prior to her helping me, feeling worse each day.
I am very grateful to have Amber as a part of my life. :)
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