So how do we on a daily basis help believers become users of and supporters of our natural health resources?
Through out time and teachings there has always been a distinction between belief and action. So how do we support believers into action?
There are many different approaches I will cover only some. I am hoping to inspire all purposeful mindful people. To help the I believe...but inactive person to activate. Asking them questions seems to be useful. Even as they answer keep in mind that they are used to living in a virtual world. So they may be answering in that context.
Who is your Herbalist, Naturopathic Dr., Energy Healer, Massage Therapist etc.? What is your diet like? Through these questions and others people can have a chance to be introspective, to take a moment to analyze their own actions or beliefs. Some responses or excuses from the believer will be. My health insurance dos not cover that. Healthy food is to expensive. I don’t know where to find herbs. I do not have time..! I eat healthy...
What is your idea of healthy? This is a good question our health demands whole foods, clean unadulterated water and air. A healthy living environment.

New science shows that our outer environment or how we perceive our outer environment aka. Work, Family, School, Friends, Conflict, Love. Can actually change the expression of our genes. Healthy is a whole body and mind approach at least... They may come to the spirit part later through our support and a new respect for themselves.

( A link to over view some study research on gene expression and neural healing.)

( Electrical signals are believed to play a central role in intercellular and intracellular communication at all levels of evolution from algae, to bryophytes and higher plants.)

Our emotional state directly influences the way we handle the stresses of life. How do we maintain our emotional state when we do not know how? You can learn how to stay emotionally balanced through what is a traumatic experience. You have the ability to maintain self while interacting with the world. We can learn, that being centered within yourself is not (selfish) but rather the only way to help this world live.

( Staying with Self )

Through wonderful inventions like refrigeration, we have lost some of our integrated foods. Not on purpose but through lack of a full circular thought process. Very few of us still eat a good variation of fermented foods. Our bodies are made of the most amazing building blocks of matter and energy transfers. Yet we forget to feed it with the fermented microbes that we evolved with and were created with. Through antibiotics, antibacterial soaps and even stress we kill off our good bacteria.

( A link to open a mind to the biodiversity it is best for us to start to understand and respect. )

The above article and links are a way of learning how we can help other people connect with the idea of wholeness. That one thing effects all things. That even though the answers are not given to you in one easy to learn guide book. That all things are connected.

If we can help others to think in a holistic way. Even from the incomplete non conclusive scientific work that is always being done. We can start shifting the masses to our side. Through their change of heart, mind and action this will mitigate the harm to us all.

With your words you can plant a thought it may not be apparent immediately. It is very human to take months to make a change than believe you did it entirely on your own. That is ok, we are simply looking for the betterment of us all. We need a larger mass to start thinking in us terms instead of me terms. This takes a larger voice not just professionals, spiritual leaders, activists or volunteers. This takes us all, a word can make a thought into a decision and change the world into action.

E.H.P. Amber Kurt

I Believe in Alternative Medicine, Food for Health, Herbs