Today I have been driven to author an article on some.. of the unsafe practices of hospitals. Maybe I should just say the medical industry. The May 2012 issue of ConsumerReports has published an article on Dangerous Medical Devices. Many implants hips, knees, surgical mesh are not even tested for safety. They are not even in a national registry. Thats right your toaster oven has a serial number but your hip replacement dos not! MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphyloccocus aureus) is out of control in hospitals every where. It is estimated that 1 in 25 patients that enter a hospital wounded or have surgery contract MRSA. Birthing in hospitals is sold to be safer than at home but mothers and babies are at high risk of contracting MRSA from a hospital environment. Some people cant kick MRSA down the road it keeps reemerging after antibiotic treatment. People die from complications of this disease.

Ok so what am I trying to say? Hospitals are great for serious life threatening things. Nice to have someone stitch you up after a car accident and such. But you might want to rethink all those optional surgeries and tests that are invasive. I didn’t even mention the medication interactions that cause death.

I sadly see the patients that have exhausted the western medical industry. They seek me out when all els has failed. That MRSA infection that won’t go away after multiple anti biotic treatments that then spurred the blood candida yeast infection. The failed Lap-Band for weight loss. The list goes on and on.

My job as a healer is to help those that need me in these circumstances of course. But why put yourself through this pain and anguish. If you do not deem your situation immediately life threatening. Make an appointment with a Energy Healing Practitioner. Your Medical insurance, if you have any will not cover it but your body will thank you. It is estimated that 65 to 75 % of premature deaths in the USA are preventable. You do not need to be ill to make an appointment with your Energy Healer Professional. We are great with helping you prevent illness by keeping your energy balanced. By energy testing your diet to make sure your getting what you need from your food and cutting out what you don’t need. As Energy Healers we want to see you live your lives healthy and happy, without medications that cause so many side effects. The use of prescription drugs keep climbing but we keep getting sicker. Dialysis patient numbers are climbing at an ever alarming rate as the medical industry tries to struggle with the demand. The USA is only ranked 37 by The World Health Organization as far as I know to this date but most US sitizens think we are at the top. We must start making different choices and putting them into action in our lives to be healthy and stay healthy as we age.

US Estimates:

In-hospital adverse reactions to prescribed drugs 2.2 million per year
Unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed 7.5 million per year
Number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization 8.9 million per year
Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed for viral infections 20 million per year

E.H.P. Amber Kurt 2012

Hospitals Unsafe ?