To do this we must learn to feel, think and do in a different way. We must always not just sometimes. Take into accountancy all networks of reliance. This is done by learning and knowing that we are a unit.

So who are we?
Some examples are.
The daily cycles of the sun and moon.
The non humanoid bacterium that helps us digest our foods.
The cycles of death and rebirth within our cell population including our neural pathways.
The ocean and it’s cycles that integrate into the life of land dwellers.
The essential balance of nutrients needed to allow a plant to grow.

When we start thinking in a networking cognitive way. We get the full knowledge of what it takes to live healthfully with the world that is fully networked into our existence. When we start thinking in this way there is no I, no my family. It starts to turn into my world, all of the world all of the balance of networks within the system.
Lets look further into my world. When using full cognitive powers. Like sensory, reasoning & learning etc.... This than helps pull us a little further out of our ego experience of my world. The ego experience of my world includes only the I & Mine. The cognitive look at my world includes recognition of networks within a grand system that interweaves and resonates like a spiders web. The recognition and remembrance of this intricate system, does not allow us to harm our life line.
Lets look at another form of sensory experience of the cognitive process. As energy healers we feel and see even another part of the network that interweaves our world. Sadly we as healers still get caught up in ego. We can start taking our knowledge for granted. We can quit asking the hard questions. Even quit using energy to heal ourselves, to select our foods, to gather our herbals. When this happens I have seen the tragic results.
The best way to deal with ego is to recognize it and it slides away. Recognizing it may be needed daily or weekly. But if you start ignoring it or fighting it, than it is the elephant in the room.

Ego equals = Hate, Misplaced Pride, The Feeling of Worthlessness, Taking Without the Feeling of Consequence etc...

We live always in and with a network of support. When this network is respected than all can live harmoniously together. In our physical and energetic lives that are inseparable.

E.H.P. Amber Kurt

Generating Positive Network Cognition