Energy Healing
This healing work is done to bring body, mind and spirit in connection and in balance with what I call the Universal Internet. Within this Internet of Infinite Knowledge and Resource, you will find healing of all kinds Physical, Mental, Spiritual.

Something very special is available to someone out there that wants to train in body, mind, spirit. I have been offered as a donation to our work, a beautiful space to work out of for a few dates this year. This is located in Lincoln City, Oregon. What this means to you is you would have no reimbursement costs for the training location. I provide vegan meals and two nights stay. Your monetary offering would depend on your circumstances. Are you the one interested or know of someone that is? Young or old, of any belief that is searching this might just be the time you needed. Right now the dates available are Friday June 22nd 4pm departing Sunday 24th 12pm. Please contact me for a conversation. I am so grateful for this wonderful donation of a beautiful healing space.

E.H.P. Amber Kurt