Energy Healing Practitioner, Amber Kurt
The things I really enjoy in life.

Horseback Riding
Mushroom Hunting & Gathering, the hunting process is part of the fun.
Eating and Cooking
I love savory foods made from ingredients I have gathered, grown or purchased locally.

Green Building

More than anything I enjoy being an Energy Healing Practitioner. The fulfillment that comes from finding and practicing your life's purpose is truly Joy!

I believe that everyone has the right to health. In keeping with this belief I always work on a donation basis. Please contact me with any questions.

Be Well, E.H.P. Amber Kurt

My Personal Experiance
I started my journey to be a Energy Healer many years ago. It happened when my jaw went out of place and locked for over three months. No insurance but I still went to my western trained medical doctor. I was diagnosed with TMJ he said surgery may be needed (but I had no insurance). He suggested I try a chiropractic doctor. Which is what I did leading to another dead end. I was on codeine from Canada and eating foods threw a straw or slurped off a spoon. I hurt and I was miserable!
A friend of a friend said he went to have Energy Work done because of back issues. He could not quite describe what it was but he said it helped. Desperate and short on money from my other Dr. visits I went. It only took a few minutes and honestly I felt a little disappointed. I was exhausted, (now I know that was from the energy work that was done) I went home and slept. In the middle of the night I woke to a slight popping and cracking and a feeling of movement in my jaw and neck area. The next morning, I could open my mouth! I was astonished after all this time and pain. My jaw was sore and I think a bit of atrophy had set in. With some loving care and soft foods I healed completely. It has never happened again.

Sadly I did not go back for the second appointment they recommended nor did I tell them how wonderfully their work had help me until years later.

It is hard to make a change when you know no other way or are expected to do things or be a certain way. But I am glad that I did. It was what I needed physically at that time. It was also the shift I needed to become who I am today. A vibrant, connected, balanced and successful person.