Synergistic - Working together in a creative, innovative form.

Union - coupling or linking

Omnipresent - Present everywhere simultaneously.

The act or state of growing together, as similar parts; the act of uniting by natural affinity or attraction; the state of being united; union; concretion.

This is the essence of our work to help you unite completely and always to source, truly being one. To do this and to be this takes full acceptance of our human experience. This is what can be confusing and hinder the full union with our universe and all of source knowledge and energy.

To be fully connected to source energy is very exciting to the chakras and meridian points in our bodies so quite often it is a sexual feeling that we must learn to hold and own as part of our complete selves. Owning this state at all times through our lives means it is a completeness of our connection to source.

This process is a very personal space. It can only be fully achieved when you have fully embraced Body – Mind –Spirit. That is why this course is directed towards people that have a certain level of spiritual attainment including the striving for universal love.
Mind – knowledge of some spiritual teachings.
Body - a want moved with action to respect your vessel.

We work directly with source knowledge to help facilitate ascension to your personal level of attainment while in a comfortable accepting space.

This level of attainment can bring up many emotions that need to be recognized and accepted. Through your process you will find that the entire world feels and looks different as well as your body and minds reaction to its environment.

As I am sure you are gleaming as you read about this training this is not for everyone. It also requires trusting me as your human guide.

To start out call or email me to start a conversation than from there we will schedule an initial meeting in person. At this meeting we can see where you are Body-Mind-Spirit and you will have some homework to prepare for the clinic. The clinic itself is in two parts to give you time to implement it in your daily life. This will raise questions that you may need help other than your spirit guides to negotiate through. And of course I will be available by email after the training. This is exciting work for the good of all I hope you will consider taking this step.
I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.
Sincerely, Amber Kurt