This healing work is done to bring body, mind and spirit in connection and in balance with what I call the Universal Internet. Within this Internet of Infinite Knowledge and Resource, you will find healing of all kinds Physical, Mental, Spiritual.

We offer a three day training clinic with step by step guidance. You will learn how to stay healthy and balanced while finding your purpose.

You will find the tools you have been missing to realize and fulfill your purpose in life.

You will meet your personal consultants aka (your spirit guides).

This is a dynamic class that helps you integrate energy into your life & profession & or spiritual practice.

You will begin the process of staying connected to universal energy at all times. This will help you be balanced, healthy and happy. The only way to help others on their path to health and centered living is through your balanced guidance.

If you want to or already are engaged in a sustainable business like organic farming or natural health care, etc... This course will help you pursue your purpose further and engage people into a healthier sustainable life style.

This course is about cooperation and letting go of your ego. This is the only way to work in a positive way with universal energies.

This is a intensive course not every one who applies for the course is accepted. It does not matter if your starting at ground zero or if you have been working with energy all your life. It is up to your positive guides if they feel you are ready for the course or not.
Don’t let this hurdle get you down if you are not accepted for the three day course. You may simply need to do some work on your own first.

Some of the things we will be covering will be strategic thought processes. How to deal with fears and ego.
How to do energy healing and how to work closely with your guides through out your life.

There is a lot of work ahead!
It is rewarding, it’s fun and most importantly it is necessary to build the world we want to live in.

With love and support, E.H.P. Amber Kurt
We offer a Certificate of Completion and for LMT continued education have the OBMT Continuing Education Form available.
Three Day

One on One Training

Couples Getaway Clinic

Also Clinics for Co-operatives

We suggest you take another day off work to contemplate and rejuvenate after the three day clinic.
It includes a healing session each day.